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Polaris Outtakes 2015

In late 2015, Polaris had a special event in which multiple high-profile Youtube personalities were put into teams to fight each other in various video games.

Lollergator and Stabby were tasked with editing the chaotic audio from the event into a narrative. I was brought in as additional help to animate or draw any necessary assets to meet deadlines.

Lollergator scrubbed through 2 hours of audio for several weeks and put together a narrative where there wasn't one. It was my job to outline and color the animatic by Lollergator.

Lollergator created the animatic and put together the soundscape. I was brought in to outline, color, animate, and lip-sync some assets.

Stabby did the bulk of the work for this animation, I was brought in to animate and make a few art assets. I also added some tweens and special effects.