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Weekly Animations for Lore (2012-2018)

Rapid fire animations with a tight turnaround time for Disney Digital's LORE channel on Youtube. I'm given a script, audio, and a short deadline to cook up some visuals. To prepare I'd play the game in question, look into the fandom, and explore the Lore outside the script to come up with visual jokes. I would then draw and animate all the assets, characters, and backgrounds. I've made over 70 animations for the channel, but here are a few of my favorite creations.

Fast Facts is a series showcasing small production facts and details behind the scenes of various video games. This one is about Cuphead! I really enjoyed drawing the characters and graphics in the game's rubber hose style.

Lore videos are different from Fast Facts as they focus on the game's story. In this video I focused on keeping the viewers eyes in the center of the screen and did my best to ease each shot into the next without using too many cutaways.

I liked my shorthand style of the Darkest Dungeon's artwork in this episode.

It's really difficult to make the visuals interesting when the audio is nothing but information. I have to get creative and come up with interesting scenes.